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How To Make A Basic Dpad For Touchscreens

As I told you on an earlier post, Starship Constructor is a puzzle game (maybe i didn't state puzzle but you can infer that from the text), but that doens't mean that i don't test other genres. I wanted to test something really basic for a platformer and i needed to use a directional pad or DPad. That being said, as usual, i didn't know how to do it....
First Look At Starship Constructor

sc art first look

Yup... Starship Constructor is still in development and not dead... Although things don't look so good for this guy here....
RSS Feed For Your Needs

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By now you should have noticed that most of the times i like doing things myself, without any pre-made tools like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Not that i have anything against them. I just like to know how to do them, the best way is doing them myself....
Use Facebook Open Graph and Insights On Your Website: Part II
Now that you have tested the Open Graph metatags, we are going to use Facebook's Javascript SDK to get the Like and Comments Box working on your page. Keep in mind that this will cover only the basics. If you want to know much more about the topic, click here....
Use Facebook Open Graph and Insights On Your Website: Part I

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Open graph is a protocol that will help you "integrate" your website with Facebook, letting you like, comment or subscribe to an URL. For a complete list of Social Plugins you can click here. Using Facebook Insights you will see the statistics of by date and how many likes or comments you have....
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