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Google Analytics On Your Webpage

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Yesterday had a conversation with a fellow co-worker about WAMA and the development of the webpage. He told me that i should look into this thing called Google Analytics (i had already heard of it but didn't really pay attention to what it was) and implement it on my site. He asked me about the traffic on my site and i really didn't have the information (obviously felt really ashamed about that) so the night came and i had a some time to investigate a little more about this tool. I've already succesfully implemented it here at and i will guide you through the steps to do it on your webpage too.


1. Enter and create an account using your Gmail account.

2. You'll get to a page where they ask for a Website Name, URL, Industry Category and Timezone. All very self-explanatory. On the account name i just put "tiendawama" and you can check or not the other two boxes below. Click the Get Tracking ID button.

3. Then you'll lie about reading the Terms of Service Agreement and click the I Accept button xD.

4. You'll see that it says "Tracking not installed". Copy and paste the genereted code of the section "This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track." and do exactly what it says. You just have to edit every single page you want to track (in my case every single page of my domain) and copy that code inside the HEAD section of your pages.

5. After you upload your edited pages, enter again Google Analytics and it will say "Tracking installed".

You are done. Start playing with it. You can click HOME and try the really nice "Real-time" tool to know how many people are browsing your page... well... in real time xD. If you use Standard Reporting you can see other nice graphs about your traffic. But i'll let you dive into Google Analytics on you own.