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Example For Touchscreen Dpad Using Libgdx

Hello! Now that you had a lot of time to play with the code i wrote on my previous post, here's an example Eclipse project that uses that same code of my class GameDPad for you to test and use as reference. (Well it is not the SAME code, because the first one used the fourth quadrant of the cartesian coordinate system, and this one uses the first quadrant.)...
How To Make A Basic Dpad For Touchscreens
As i told you on an earlier post, Starship Constructor is a puzzle game (maybe i didn't state puzzle but you can infer that from the text), but that doens't mean that i don't test other genres. I wanted to test something really basic for a platformer and i needed to use a directional pad or DPad. That being said, as usual, i didn't know how to do it....
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By now you should have noticed that most of the times i like doing things myself, without any pre-made tools like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Not that i have anything against them. I just like to know how to do them, the best way is doing them myself....